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50 Piece Message in a Bottle Capsule

50 Piece Message in a Bottle Capsule

Write a message, roll it up and put it in one of these cute little capsules!

These little messages in a capsule are super cute. You actually get 52 of them in case a couple get damaged. They're about the size of a large pill and the paper is about half inch wide and an inch and a half long. 

You'll have to write super small to get your message on the note. A little practice on some other paper is probably required. If you're like us, you might have written some cheat sheets for test in high school - that skill will come in handy here!

The capsules are plastic and won't dissolve in water.

One thing to mention is that because these capsules resemble pills, it might seem weird to give these to people. Just let them know with a not or something that it's not a drug or anything!


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