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3D Golf Ball Sticker

3D Golf Ball Sticker

A 3D sticker of a golf ball crashed into your car window! Looks VERY realistic and a great gift (or prank) for your favorite golfer.

This is more than a sticker - it looks so real that people will question it and wonder if it's real. Lots of fun and will get some good attention.

They actually make 3 types: Golf Ball, Baseball and Tennis Ball.  Quite honestly, we're not sure how a tennis ball would break a car window, but you never know. It's the one that people would probably question the most, but then again it might also be the most interesting.

We could see the golf ball version might be the most realistic. There are probably more golf balls hit into car windows than baseballs, plus baseballs would probably totally shatter a car window. Plus there are more golfers in the world than baseball players (but we haven't done the math or read the stats on that one.)

All in all this is really cool for the avid golfer and would make a nice present OR a fun little prank!

Here are the steps to apply the sticker:

  1. Clean  window, then make sure the glass is dry
  2. Peel off sticker and apply it
  3. There is no step 3 (Oh wait, damn, there is...)

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