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2013 Bubble Wrap Calendar

2013 Bubble Wrap Calendar

Once you pop, you can't stop! If you love bubble wrap (and popping it) then you should love this calendar. 

It's basically just a strip of bubble wrap overlaid on a calendar, although for the price that doesn't stop us from recommending it; after all it'd be a pain to construct such a calendar, cut the bubble wrap, alight it just right, etc. rather than spending the roughly $10 bucks for this calendar.
It's really more of a gag gift unless you happen to know the person you're getting it for loves bubble wrap or is a kid. Then again, who doesn't love bubble wrap? It's sort of therepeutic - and once you start popping, you just want to pop more. 
Maybe that's our one reservation with this product - the fact that you can only pop one bubble wrap "square" a day. Of course you could wait and pop a whole week or month in a row, but that defeats the point of the calendar! 
In any case, this was so unique that we went ahead and included it in our catalogue. But the extremely frugal might want to just get a whole roll of bubble wrap - hey it's only $12.50!!!

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