Rubber tiles are making great headway and being installed in parks, playgrounds, commercial buildings, and pretty much anywhere that an added level of safety is required. That goes for home gyms as well – rubber flooring is perhaps the best option for a home gym.

Interlocking Rubber Tile Floor In A Home GymRubber gym flooring is great and perhaps the best type of flooring because it’s cheap, durable, easy to install and offers great performance – awesome bang for the buck! Plus you can always tear it up if you ever move and reinstall it in your new home gym. Most home gym rubber flooring is also made from recycled rubber, so you can feel good about your investment!

Most interlocking gym flooring can be installed over pretty much any smooth surface. If there are dips or ruts, those can be filled in with rubber mulch or other sorts of spacers. You don’t need to buy fancy, special tools to install rubber gym floor tiles – they simply interlock like puzzle pieces and fit right together. Sometimes a rubber mallet is required. You can fit them together in a square pattern of more like a brick design, where the rubber tiles are interlaced.

It’s always good to investigate your various home gym flooring options but these are really the best ones to get. On top of the other reasons we’ve already outlined, rubber gym floor mats offer great traction, even when they’re wet. These tiles also interlock so tightly that you can barely tell they’re separate tiles – they’re very nice, factory-cut edges. Andthey don’t even have that used rubber smell that comes with some recycled rubber flooring. Some have a faint odor that diminishes with time, but it’s nothing major.

Rubber Interlocking Tile

These rubber gym flooring tiles have an extremely long life span as well. Sometimes, if treated properly, they can last up to 15 to 20 years! The rubber is super resilient and bounces back to its original form even after heavy weights have rested on it for some time. This is a fantastic, cheap gym flooring that’s great for everything from doing aerobics to heavy power lifting of weights.

You shouldn’t need to clean this sort of home gym flooring that often, but when you do it’s pretty easy. If it’s an indoor home gym then you can use a damp sponge, a mop or a broom. If it’s an outdoor gym all you need it a leaf bower, some water from a hose and a broom. Cleanup of rubber tiles is easy!

While these type of rubber tiles are very durable, sometimes you tear up a tile or two. If this happens, you can replace individual pieces without having to tear up the whole carpet or rubber sheet as you would if you have one piece. This is a HUGE advantage and prolongs the life of your flooring by years.

Rubber Tile Used In Home Gym

Sometimes you’ll want to use adhesive glue to stick these gym flooring tiles together. However, if it’s only your own home gym and don’t expect anyone else to be tearing it up (i.e. if you don’t have kids) then you don’t really need to.

Another cool thing about these is that they come in many different colors, so you can decorate however you want to. You can match your gym’s current colors scheme or come up with something new. You can even put a design into the flooring or perhaps a line that leads people to certain equipment (i.e. follow the yellow brick road).

Most of these sorts of gym mats come with a standard warranty of at least two years, but it varies based on manufacturer. They can also be customized to just about any size and trimmed to fit any oddball shapes you may encounter in your home gym.

All in all you simply can’t go wrong with using rubber flooring for your home gym! You’ll be glad you did!

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