We already know that rubber tiles are extremely popular in commercial establishments, offices and other environments that are visited by a lot of people every single day. In the beginning, it was a bit hard to choose rubber tiles because there are not a lot of designs and styles available. However, as the companies realized that there is a need for a variety of rubber tiles, they have already started producing more that can be appreciated by people with different wants and taste.  

Rubber Tiles Used In A ParkMost of the time though, rubber tiles are used in order to ensure that people will not slip when they are walking on wet surfaces. We already know that there are some people who have experienced slipping simply because the ground they were walking on did not provide the resistance that they need. Using tiles that are made of rubber can change all that and this is the reason why trains and other public transportations sometimes have sections with rubber tiles.

Some people say that it is better to have interlocking rubber tiles whenever you are building a room with tiles because this will bring out its advantages more. Some people would rather have professionals do the installation of tiles for them but some would rather do the installation of the tiles made of rubber themselves.

Let us now explore what the many advantages of using rubber tiles are.

1. They are soft – Most of the time, rubber tiles are used for indoor and even outdoor playgrounds. It helps kids to not hurt themselves when they fall. Most kids love sliding up and down and they might hurt themselves accidentally without the proper flooring. The softness of rubber playground tiles would help them recover easily if ever they would fall.

2. They are easy to clean – A lot of people may not realize this but rubber tiles are very easy to clean. They just have to be cleaned with water and a bit of detergent. The detergent should not be very strong though because it might cause a bit of a problem with the rubber flooring tiles. There are times when detergents that are too strong ruin the components of the rubber tiles. Some people use a compatible wax to make sure that the rubber tiles will last longer.

Some Rubber Tiles3. Rubber tiles are durable – Since they are used in garages and commercial establishments that expect a lot of people everyday as well as playgrounds, rubber tiles are expected to last for quite a long time. This still depends though on how well the owner takes care of the rubber tiles. Those who do not know how to clean the tiles well will probably ruin the tiles in no time while those who are aware how they are going to clean their tiles will be able to keep  their tiles for a long time.

4. Rubber tiles are waterproof – rubber playground surfaces would have to be waterproof otherwise kids and even other people will slip on outdoor rubber tiles. This is also expected for tiles that are placed on the outside because the weather can change drastically. Rubber tiles would be able to withstand rain and even storms because they are waterproof. There are even times when people use rubber pavers outside the playground in order to ensure that people will not slip.

 5. Rubber tiles can be soundproof – Do remember though that if you are planning to use rubber tiles in order to make your room soundproof, you have to get rubber that is a bit thick so that it can block out sound. If you are not too sure if the rubber you would choose can already help you soundproof a certain room, do more research about it on the Internet or ask people who know more about the qualifications of soundproof rubber tiles.

For those who think that rubber tiles can cost quite a bit of money, you can always check out recycled rubber flooring for the place that you are going to use rubber tiles for. There are some people who make it a point to sell interlocking recycled rubber tile. There are always tiles made of rubber that can be purchased on the Internet or your nearest local hardware store. If you have no idea what the rubber tiles look like, you can always ask help from the sales person.

If your problem is the fact that there are too many rubber tiles and you do not know which type and style you would choose, you can always base it on the current look of  the room that you are going to decorate. If for instance you are going to put rubber tiles on your garage, you would have to make sure that your rubber tiles  match the current color of your garage. You also have to remember that there are different textures of rubber tiles that you can check out either online or in person. Some people find it easier to buy online because it is more convenient but there are some people who would rather see the rubber tiles in person so that they know exactly what they have to buy.


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