If you live in Texas and want to grow tomatoes, well then, boy howdy, we’ve got something for you! Well, this is for people living anywhere, really, so long as it’s not a frigid place like Antarctica.

It’s really quite simple, actually. Tomatoes (or tomatos, we don’t care how you spell it OR pronounce it!) need to be grown off the ground. That is, if the tomato fruit is touching the ground, it can lead to rot.

Typically this isn’t a problem, but sometime the tomatoes get soooo plump and juicy and big that they wiegh the vines down so much that they droop to the ground. Or they might even break the vine and fall off before they’re ripe and rot on the ground.


Well, smart gardening minds the world over have worked to perfect different ways to keep tomato plants supported. These include trellises, folding cages, and what we’re going to talk about today tomato cages!

Now there are many different varieties of cages for tomatoes. Basically they’re made of wire, usually rings of wires that are connected together. Some come as sort of cone-shaped cages. Shown below, you flip these upside down and stick them in the ground. As the tomato plant grows, you make sure that the stems off the main branch are supported by the wires.


A standard cone-shaped tomato cage that doesn’t fold up. They stack on top of each other.

Let’s look at TEXAS tomato cages now. These are similar in that they’re made of wire, but the rings are circular, which works out really well as everything is the same distance from the plant. Even better, the texas tomato cages fold up nice and neat for storage in the winter. They don’t need to take up nearly as much room, so if you have a lot of plants, this is a pretty nice option!


We dig them, however we think there is only one manufacturer: http://tomatocage.com. This is good and bad. They’re a great American success story and they’re rocking it out with a invention they have a patent on.

A Texas tomato cage that folds up quite easily for storage!

A Texas tomato cage that folds up quite easily for storage!

They make the cages with 1/4″ diameter galvanized steel rod and they claim that they should last you a lifetime.

You can buy 6 Texas tomato cages for $169 dollars. That breaks down to a little over $28 a pop for these cages. That might sound a tad pricey, but you have to think about what you’re getting.

These are QUALITY items guaranteed by a company in the USA with American labor. Also, there’s free shipping so there’s that! Actually that would be quit a chunk of change with the size of these bad boys.

There you have it. Any questions, let us know!


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