If you need info about resilient rubber flooring, you’ve come to the right place. Rubber fitness flooring is an amazing material that is used in a wide variety of places. Its can also be referred to as rubber tile or interlocking rubber tiles. (In some cases even rubber pavers, but that’s slightly different.)

In this post we’ll be covering it’s usage as fitness flooring/sports surfacing.

The material is a ground rubber that is then made into sheets or rubber tiles. The tiles are typically made in a jigsaw-like manner so that they are interlocking. This makes them easy to assemble and so that they stay together very well.

These tiles are very durable and long lasting, while also offering a lot of give or cushioning. There are different thicknesses you can buy, from 1/8″ to two inches thick of rubber. Most of the time these tiles are made of recycled rubber material.

They can be installed indoor or outdoor, which makes them perfect for weight rooms/workout rooms, locker rooms, fitness centers, gymnasiums, ski lodges, aerobic areas, swimming pools, and even hockey arenas.

You’ll see rubber tiles in a lot of weight rooms. They can hold all the equipment, are non-slip, and provide lots of cushioning. If people drop heavy weight, it doesn’t usually damage the floor; the tiles can take a huge hit and spring back into form. Sometimes is a bare metal piece hits the floor it could scrape or scratch the tile, but this is more of a cosmetic thing; it’ll still provide cushioning. You can even get a heavier-duty rubber tile known as impact tile for these sorts of free weight areas.

This material comes in many different colors and you can make neat designs with them as well. You can get them in a solid color or speckled.

Of course this sort of surfacing is great for many other areas too, such as office buildings, retail store and even your home!


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